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We are Anchor & Fade, a design studio focusing on boutique event styling services and tabletop rentals for Petite celebrations. From unwinding in a space you love to gathering around with the individuals you cherish, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that connects, inspires, and nourishES. 


Our studio is comprised of talented creatives from stylists, florists, illustrators, and prop makers - with a passion for developing unique curated experiences.

We combine style and sustainability to serve up beautiful scenarios for both brands and individual clients. From small assortments to full customized looks, we are passionate about creating special moments that will captivate your imagination and keep your guests talking about their experience well into the days ahead.

MeET Ashley

(Founder & Creative Director)

Hi there! I am Ashley Naum, Founder & Creative Director of Anchor & Fade. As a Prop Stylist building sets and producing photo shoots for over the past decade for brands we all know and love, I am now bringing exclusively all my talents and skillsets right to you. From photo sets to doorsteps, we are helping you create the space you have been dreaming of for your next IN HOME event.



Anchor & Fade was born from my own personal soul craving to create a platform that allowed me to mix all of my passions under one roof. From my obsession with antiques + artisan finds, to my passion for styling, and my love for community – who knew that this would grow into the business we have today.


MeET Elissa

(Events Producer)

As an events professional, I spent several years planning corporate events and conferences, both big and small.

I love the small intimate details that make events unique as much as the grandeur involved in making them unforgettable. As the events lead with Anchor & Fade allows me to bring together my passion for event planning with my skills as a writer and communicator.


I look forward to sharing design inspiration with you and bring your ideas to life at an event of your own. 





​At Anchor & Fade, we believe in the art of slow living, meeting in a place of common ground in between your comfort zone and the unknown.


We believe that life is an endless adventure, that small moment matter, everyone has a story worth telling and that what you put out, you will receive back. That the balance between your mind, body, and soul is your anchor that will fuel you for the days ahead.


Now above all, we believe in supporting local because sowing into your neighborhood not only helps shape the community but the people with in it. Let's slow things down and get back to the basics of enjoying all the sweet moments life has to offer, around one table at a time.  

Lunch Table


At Anchor & Fade we have a heart for our community and the people with in it.
Starting in 
2022, for every plate we set we will donate a plate for someone in need through partnering with Feeding America. 
Book your next private event with us and give good by giving back. 

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